Thursday, December 24, 2009


Few things can be more real than the Development sector, even in this age of Reality Shows and candid camera. For, Development involves Real People (marginalized sections, whole communities, ordinary citizens, special people …) facing Real Issues (poverty, health, education, rights …), with help from those who are really interested - the Development Practitioners.

These highly motivated individuals make constant efforts to 'remain in touch' with an exploding galaxy of information, but the absence of a reliable source takes a toll on their efficacy.
Though, there is a profusion of portals, blogs and service initiatives within the Development sector, but not many are focused on addressing the needs of the people who are in the thick of it all - the Development Practitioners.
The d-sector aims to provide clear space, authentic information and usable services for the domain experts, activists, policy makers, academics, researchers, interested students and institutions to help them cope with the rising demands of the sector.
Since these Development Practitioners play the most crucial role in the success of a Development initiative, The d-sector endeavours to help in their efforts by offering a facilitating forum for all of them.

To cater to current and future needs of the Development sector, The d-sector is designed to:
• help in better dissemination of news and views
• facilitate informed discussion and consultations
• provide a clearing house of usable information
• showcase learnings and best practices
• cater to the needs of institutions and individuals in the sector

The content on d-sector will be authentic, credible and exciting. While enough of interesting and useful content will be made available for free viewing and use, exclusive content will be offered to the registered users. This is to ensure that the serious practitioner has his/her space. In this aspect, The d-sector would be unique amongst those dedicated to the cause of Development.

By offering online as well as offline services, The d-sector will ensure that these services remain a real help to all members of the Development community - not just to a privileged few !
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